Parking Thessaloniki- Iltsios Parking

The secure Multi-Storey Car Park is family owned business, operating since 1989. It is located above Monastiriou Ave. (the extension of Egnatia Ave.) in the area of the well-known Vardaris square. 

Just a few minutes walk from:

City center
Commerce square
Ladadika – Old Town
Port of Thessaloniki
Central railwaystation

Nearby is the upcoming Metrostation: Demokratias Station ( Vardaris)

Enjoy with us a stress free day in the city while your car is perfectly secured.

About us

The parking has in total 8 storeys and offers space for 300 cars. Upon availability there is also space for busses, vans and big SUV’s. The maximum height for regular vehicles is 185 cm and 200 cm width. For other vehicles the maximum dimensions are 280 cm height, 200 cm width and 550 cm lengths.


You are absolutely free to choose the package which fits perfectly to your needs.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us for long term and daily special offers.

Regular prices:

Hourly charges between 7:30- 18:30

1st hour 2,00€ 3,50€
2nd hour+1,50€+1,50€
3rd hour+1,50€+1,50€

After 4th hour: daily maximum charge 6,00€, with overnight stay 12,00€.
Vans/SUV 6,50€, with overnight stay 15,00€.

Weekly bookings- Monday to Friday

1 working week ( 5 days) from 7:30-18:30 25,00€
1 working week ( 5 days) 24hour stay 50,00€

Monthly bookings

Monthly from 7:30- 18:30 69,00€
Monthly including overnight 85,00€

Special Vehicles including overnight

Motocycles 30,00€
Mini Van e.g. Vito 120,00€
Large Van e.g. Sprinter 150,00€

Corporate & Family prices available upon request at the front desk or call us: +30 2310 5516 26


For any inquiries you can reach us as follows:

+30 2310 5516 26